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"Great fighters may retire, but their greatness lives on forever."


About WBC Legends of Boxing Museum

The WBC Legends of Boxing Museum is a museum that pays honor to the outstanding achievements and accomplishments of some of the greatest boxers of all time. One of the four major sanctioning bodies in boxing (WBA,WBC,WBO,IBF), the World Boxing Council (WBC) has been in existence since the early 1960s and has crowned some of the most legendary boxers to ever lace up. Prior to the opening of the museum, however, there was no place that paid homage and housed the grand treasures and history of these great WBC champions. In June 2008, that changed. WBC President Dr. Jose Sulaiman, Founder and Chairman of American Sports University Dr. Hwang, WBC Supervisor Dr. Rudy Tellez, WBCLBM Co-Chairmen Jaime Ochoa and Vincent Johnson, and Directors Angel Ochoa and Eric Casillas are the founding fathers of this museum and spearheaded the creation. Opened on June 27, 2008, loving fans, civic leaders, press, media, and legendary fighters came together to celebrate this historical event.


The museum enables boxing fans as well as the general public to come explore precious items and artifacts, which are displayed for inspiration, learning, and enjoyment for the continued legacy of boxing.

WBC Hall of Fame

The WBC has a long standing history of champions. The WBC Hall of Fame includes fighters like Bob Foster, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jose Napoles, Nino Benvenuti, Ken Norton, Salvado Ssanchez, Ruben Olivares, Lupe Pintor, Marvin Hagler, Joe Frazier, and more.

Board of Directors

The WBC Legends of Boxing Museum is run by a Board of Directors whose duties range from the induction of fighters, design of the museum, setting and preparing events, contacting press and media, review and consideration of prized artifacts, hosting induction ceremonies, etc. The Board of Directors is currently comprised of 15 members.


Nominations for induction into the WBC Legends of Boxing Museum are screened by the Board of Directors, which rigorously reviews the achievements and accomplishments of each boxer. The nominee will gain induction upon majority vote. If the boxer does not receive a majority vote decision by the board members, the individual may be nominated in the future for reconsideration of his induction into the WBC Legends of Boxing Museum. Typically, the boxer needs to be retired from the sport for at least five years to be eligible for induction and must have displayed outstanding achievements and accomplishments in their boxing career.

Inaugural Members of the WBC Museum

The first members to be honored and enshrined at the museum was the WBC Hall of Fame Class of 2008. Class of 2008 Inductees were Ken Norton, Danny "Lil Red" Lopez, Armando Ramos, Erubey "Chango" Carmona, Lennox Lewis, Genaro "Chicanito" Hernandez, Gabriel Ruelas, Diego "Chico" Corrales, Roger Mayweather, Rodolfo "El Gato" Gonzalez, Paul Banke, Bobby Chacon, Armando Muniz, Rene Arredondo, and Alberto Davila.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

The museum also presents a WBC Legends of Boxing Award for Lifetime Achievement to honor an individual who has made significant fundamental contributions to the world of pugilism, either through a single branch of the sport or through a body of work combining different elements of boxing. The 1st Annual Awards were presented at the 2008 WBC Legends of Boxing Museum Inaugural Induction Ceremony at American Sports University in San Bernardino, California to notable boxing figures such as Cleto Reyes, founder of the glove manufacturing company Industria Reyes, legendary world champion trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr., world champion trainer and manager Bennie Georgino, Ken Thompson, owner of Thompson's Boxing Promotions, World Boxing Hall of Fame President Adolfo Perez, among others.

Memorabilia from Fighters on Display

The museum is filled with memorabilia from past WBC champions that is showcased on standing glass cases, wall cases and more. Some of the WBC legends whose memorabilia are on display include Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez, Lennox Lewis, Marco Antonio Barrera, Ken Norton, Diego Corrales, Erik Morales, Danny "Little Red" Lopez, Roger Mayweather, Rene Arredondo, Bobby Chacon, Salvador Sanchez, and Laila Ali.


The museum is open to the public and welcomes all boxing enthusiasts to come view the treasures and history of the greatest WBC Champions. Special visits are available upon request and include private showings and tours for schools, boxing clubs, boxing organizations, community leaders, boxing fans, etc.

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