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Introduction to ASU

At American Sports University, you'll find an institution featuring a contemporary setting, strong support services, and innovation in interdisciplinary education and scholarship. You'll also find a picturesque campus amidst a vibrant city and a world-class training complex.
Today, ASU is home to a diverse student body hailing from all over the globe. With its focus on the pursuit of both intellectual and practical pursuits, ASU encourages students to engage in outreach, innovation, and invention.
The dedicated faculty serves as true mentors, offering personalized attention through unparalleled student-teacher ratios and by working closely with students as advisors. Students have the opportunity to conduct research, work alongside faculty, or participate in exclusive internships unique to ASU's offerings.

Mission Statement

American Sports University is the only four-year university in the nation that is solely dedicated to prepare those students interested in the sports industry, with both an academic and applied understanding of the business side of sports. 
As a result of our exclusive focus on the business side of the sports industry, American Sports University is uniquely qualified and committed to effectively teach the specific interests, learning styles, and professional goals of our unique and growing student body, and to prepare them to be successful future leaders in today's increasingly competitive business of sports.

Our Core Values

ASU expects its students, faculty and staff to embrace the spirit and principles of the university. This philosophical outlook has remained a driving force in the university's development.

We value and encourage open, interactive exchange of thought and idea.

We value excellence as our standard in teaching and learning.

We value honest, ethical behavior, and professionalism in meeting our mission.

We value the journey of faculty, staff, and students in becoming more conscious, productive, and contributing members of the community.

We honor and value each other in our diversity.

We value a learning environment that enables students to succeed.

We value relationships based on honesty, reliability, and compassion.

Our Advantage

ASU's campus is situated in the heart of San Bernardino, a vital and lively city. By virtue of its Southern California location, with its great weather all year and avid community interest in sports, American Sports University is surrounded by sports teams and industry opportunities. Students and faculty enjoy both campus life and the expansive cultural offerings of the city. ASU makes a substantial investment in its surrounding neighborhood and offers ways for students and faculty to make community service part of their educational experience. Its unified campus makes for easy access to education, athletics, arts, and scholarship.

Sister Schools

An advantage of an education with American Sports University is the resources available at our sister schools. American Sports University has 5 domestic and foreign partners with whom the university exchanges faculty and students and cooperates in education and projects. American Sports University students may also have an opportunity to spend a semester abroad at other overseas institutions by special arrangement with ASU.

Korea National Sports University

JeonJu University

Vision University

Korea Golf University

Beijing Sports University

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