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Financial Assistance

At American Sports University, we work with students and their families on a one-on-one basis to uncover resources available to assist in meeting the costs of higher education. In addition to need-based and achievement scholarships, ASU offers a wide array of ways to pay for college, including prepayment plans and long-term financing options.


Scholarships are awarded for excellence in academics, athletics and sport leadership. Additional scholarships are awarded for need-based assistance.

We develop a financial package tailored to the individual needs of our unique student population. These scholarships are available on a yearly basis and are re-evaluated each semester to maintain adherence to GPA, attendance, and citizenship requirements. In addition, each category of scholarship has criteria of eligibility specific to the academic, athletic, and sport leadership areas.

Many of our students are recipients of scholarships awarded by private organizations, such as corporations, religious organizations, school districts, chambers of commerce and others.

Determining Eligibility

All students interested in attending American Sports University will complete the Application for Admission. This application packet addresses area of academic honors, athletics honors, and student financial information. Scholarship applications can be found in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Alternative Loans

Private or alternative loans allow students to round out their aid packages by covering unmet needs or family contributions. Loan limits are determined by the cost of attendance, as determined by the University, less all other aid. The Office of Student Financial Services determines the yearly limit for each student. Lenders often have a debt ceiling that can impact the amount a student is eligible to borrow. Private loan interest rates and borrowing eligibility are based upon an applicant's credit rating. It is vital that you review your credit history before applying for these loans.

How do I apply for private loans?
Many private lenders have online and telephone application processes.

How do I decide on a lender?
The selection of a private lender is the student's choice. Many vendors offer educational loans. ASU receives no compensation or items of value from these vendors. Students should consult with lenders regarding loan terms, particularly whether or not lenders sell loans and if terms or conditions beneficial to the borrower travel with the loans that are sold.

Do lenders pull credit reports?
Yes. A lender will determine whether or not they want to lend to you based on your credit history. If you think your credit might be an issue, pull your credit report and make any corrections you can.


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