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A New Athletic Era Has Started at ASU

ASU has launched seven new Collegiate sports programs (see below) along with existing Club teams. The commitment has been made to build a competitive sports program. Our teams will compete against NAIA and NCAA schools.Experienced coaches will mentor and develop the student/athlete. Our commitment to the Community (San Bernardino), our Student Body and our Athletic teams will make this a lifetime experience. The interest in the student first and the athlete second will build us a foundation for the future.

Dr. Donald L. Singer, Ph. D.
Matt Stark
Athletic Director
American Sports University

At ASU, we are committed to preparing those interested in joining the sports industry; cultivating their ambition and drive; and providing top-notch facilities and academic instruction. Students are not only expected to mature mentally and physically in their sport, but also develop the attributes of integrity, values, and self discipline. Our goal is to ultimately prepare the next generation of leaders for success in one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world.

Nevertheless, ASU's sports programs do not stop with instruction in the classroom. In the short time ASU has been open, its teams have proven themselves to be not only promising, but already highly accomplished. In the past few years, they have proudly garnered prestigious awards such as 2008 Tae Kwon Do National Champions, and some have even qualified for the Olympic Trials. Our students are recognized for their talent and hard work by organizations across the country. A relatively new university, ASU is already planning further expansion to its sports offerings. ASU also plans to develop its own sports field and courts, a recreational park, and will annex an additional campus with a state-of-the-art training complex. Committed to provide a venue where athletes may participate competitively in sports they love while receiving a topnotch education, we at ASU aim to offer all students, regardless of their level of skill, an opportunity to grow as an athlete and as a scholar. Our emphasis on mental as well as physical health is a manifestation of our belief that both are integral to a healthy lifestyle.

    These are the updated current sports at ASU:

    Spring 2014

       Baseball [click here for more info]

       Women's Softball [click here for more info]

    Fall 2014

       Men's and Women's Cross Country

       Men's and Women's Golf

       Men's and Women's Soccer

       Women's Volleyball

    Winter 2014

       Men's and Women's Basketball [click here for more info]

       Men's Volleyball

    Club Sports


       Mixed Martial Arts


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