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ASU Campaign for Excellence

Each year, students across the world come to ASU to take part in an extraordinary journey. Athletes, trainers, entrepreneurs, intellectuals from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East descend upon San Bernardino with a single, unifying motivation: knowledge.

Over the past few years, ASU and the University Trustees have invested much time and resources into building a solid foundation for students in San Bernardino. Each year, more and more students join our community. Each year, more and more programs are added to the curriculum.

However, there is still much to do. With the teams and students ASU currently supports and the ambitious plans ASU has for its future, it must continue to expand its finances and resources to support the growing needs of the student body.

To accomplish its goals, ASU has created the ASU Campaign for Excellence. Through this campaign, ASU aims to reiterate its commitment to creating innovative and diverse programs, to provide resources for students to create a winning legacy. The campaign will further aid in attracting professional and knowledgeable staff that will uphold the ASU standards of excellence and instill in students the spirit of honor and sportsmanship.

A key priority of our efforts is to provide world-class facilities for our students that will enhance the experience of every student-athlete. As such, ASU will modernize existing facilities in San Bernardino and provide additional state-of-the-art locations for fitness, wellness, recreation, and health for both students and general public alike.

These articulated goals will guide the future of ASU as a pioneer in sports education and sustain the operation of this groundbreaking institution into the future. I invite you to take part in ASU's campaign and play a unique role in transforming the experience of our student-athletes and the greater San Bernardino community. The time is now.

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