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Dean of Students


Come to an Orientation session, and we'll take care of the rest! Our friendly Orientation staff will help you become better acquainted with University life, register for classes, take placement tests, get to know your fellow classmates, meet with a representative from your college/school, find ways you can get involved, have fun, and generally answer all your questions about ASU! Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor, obtain your student ID, set up your e-mail accounts, and learn how you can get involved at ASU.

Orientation Sessions

Student Orientation for the Fall of 2014 is scheduled for September 18th and 19th. Online registration for the fall orientation will be available soon. If you'd like to register for fall orientation before the online registration becomes available, please contact us.

Student Emergency Services


The Student Emergency Services staff in the Office of the Dean of Students works with campus and community organizations to provide a number of services to assist students and, in some cases, their families and friends during an emergency or crisis situation. These services may include provision of limited emergency funds, assistance with academic issues, outreach and advocacy for students, and coordination with other relevant ASU offices. Our office does not provide counseling services.

Emergencies include (but are not limited to):

  • Apartment or House Fire
  • Attempted Suicide
  • Concerns about Academic Adjustment or Performance
  • Death of a Relative
  • Death of a Student or Former Student
  • Family Emergency Impacting a Student's Campus Life
  • Financial Problems
  • Interpersonal Violence or Stalking
  • Missing Student
  • Natural Disaster
  • Sexual Assault
  • Student Injury or Illness

If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance, please call 9-1-1.

Student Organizations

Office of Student Activities

Welcome to the Office of Student Activities! Life outside the classroom at American Sports University is as varied and active as ASU students. OSA's primary mission is to support student organizations and leadership development programming.

OSA helps students make the most of their college experience through involvement in student organizations. Whether you would like to join an existing student organization or begin a new one, we have the resources and staff to help you make it happen. We encourage you to learn about the services we provide and the leadership opportunities available to all students!

Division of Housing & Food

Dining on Campus

The Division of Housing and Food Service is dedicated to providing quality food service to the University community. We hope you find our organization responsive to your needs. All of our dining venues are open to anyone who visits campus. We encourage everyone to experience the convenience and variety offered in each of our dining locations.

370 W. Court St.
San Bernardino, CA 92401

Come enjoy a variety of cuisine at our very own Court Stop Café! Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to our students as well as the general public.

Recreational Sports



A transcript is a comprehensive record of your academic progress, including transfer courses, credit earned by exam, and earned degrees. Your name appears on your transcript as it appears on your university record. Official transcripts include the university seal and the signature of the registrar. Student academic records are classified as confidential and may be released only with the student's written authorization and signature, in accordance with the Public Information Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

Unofficial Transcripts

An unofficial transcript lists all of a student's coursework but does not include the university seal, the signature of the registrar, or the name of the university. An unofficial transcript can be issued to students with bars. The cost is $10 per copy payable at time of request. It will be available for pickup or mailout in two business days. An unofficial transcript will be released only to the student requesting it; it cannot be released to a third party. Note: Unofficial transcripts cannot be ordered online.

Previous School Transcripts

You may order unofficial copies of your transcripts from other schools if they were submitted to the university and if they remain on file. The cost is $10 per copy payable at time of request, and are available for pickup or mailout in two business days. Previous school transcripts are released only to the student requesting them; they cannot be released to a third party. Note: Previous school transcripts cannot be ordered online.

How to Order a Transcript

Transcripts may be ordered by mail, by telephone, by fax, or in person. The cost is $10 per transcript. Note: Confirmed orders left unpaid for more than 60 days will be cancelled. Official transcripts are not issued for students with financial bars.

To order a transcript, address a letter to American Sports University that includes all of the following information along with the fee payment:

  1. The date of the request
  2. The full name under which you were enrolled
  3. Your current name, if different from above
  4. Your ASU Student ID
  5. Your date of birth
  6. Your dates of attendance
  7. Where to send transcripts
  8. The number of transcripts requested for each address
  9. The number of transcripts to be placed in sealed envelopes
  10. Your signature
  11. Your address and daytime phone
  12. Any special instructions
  13. Any forms to be attached

The fee is $10 per transcript, payable by cash, check, or money order. Requests may be faxed to 909 889-3855. Requests are usually processed in two business days. Processing time may be longer during peak times.

Delivery Options

You may request your own official transcript issued to you in a sealed envelope; the transcript will be issued in an envelope with the registrar's signature across the back flap. If you do not request this option, the transcript will be stamped Issued to Student and will not be sealed with the registrar's signature. Note: We do not send transcripts by fax.

You may ask for your transcript to be held until your degree or your grades for the current semester are recorded.

Student Financial Services

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