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Administrative Faculty


Harry Hwang, Ph.D. Founder

  • Dr. Harry Hwang received his D.B.A. and M.B.A. in Business Management from Pacific States University, California.
  • He received his English and Business Management degree from University of Arkansas Little Rock, AK.
  • He received his Business Management degree from Jeon Ju University Jeon Ju, Korea.
  • He received his Teaching Certificate from Kun San National University Kun San, Korea.


Dr. John Keffalas

John Keffalas, J. D. President

  • For several years, Dr. Keffalas has taught several courses in law at several private and public colleges/universities. He has demonstrated a range of career paths—industrial engineering, business, finance, and management information technology.
  • These experiences provide him a numerous skills to impart to students at ASU. At Penn State University, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and the Master in Business Administration. He has a Master of Science degree in Management Science (Information Technology emphasis) at Cal State University, Fullerton and graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Finance at Webster University.


Dr. Gilbert Quintanar

Gilbert Quintanar, Ed. D. Dean of Academics

  • Dr. Quintanar received his Bachelors in Kinesiology from Western New Mexico University.
  • His Masters in Kinesiology/Physiology is also from Western New Mexico University.
  • Then he went on to get his Ed.D. in Higher Education/Supervision with an emphasis in curriculum and instructional design from Argosy University.
  • He teaches Sports Management at ASU.


Roy Charran

Roy Charran, Director of Accreditation and Academic Compliance/Admissions and Founctioning Reqistrar

  • Over a course of 25 years Mr. Charran has worked at many different places including UCLA as a Systems Analyst and Documentation Specialist in the Office of the Registrar; at Pearson Educational Measurement, working on the ‘No Child Left Behind Program’, under the direction of the Federal Government, working as a software tester and Quality Assurance person on the physical product; also at National Education Center as an Application Developer where he was instrumental in correcting a problem with the delivery of Student Loans; and for several fortune 100 and 500 companies as an employee, as well as, an IT Consultant; and also has worked for County, State, Federal government as well as private industry.
  • Mr. Charran received his Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems from DeVry in the City of Industry. He comes from a family of educators and education is instilled in his upbringing.
  • He is responsible on accreditation and foreign student policy that include issue of foreign student's I-20, student admission, and following up foreign students in the US.


Mike Rodriguez

Mike Rodriques, Director of Media

  • With over twenty-five years at the Press Enterprise working in Graphic Design, Mr. Rodriguez is a multitalented Graphic Designer Professional with extensive experience in print designs with exceptional effective ability to create vision, production, presentations, and anything in a print driven environment.
  • Mr. Rodriguez has knowledge of standard graphic design concepts, procedures, and applications and maintains the University's website and online Social Media content, and is ASU Newsletter Production Manager. Mr. Rodriguez has a Degree from Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.


Honorary Faculty

Un-Yong Kim

Un-Yong Kim, Ph.D., Honorary Chancellor

    He was born in 1931 and graduated from YonSei University in Korea.   He received a Juris Doctor degree from the United States Maryville College in 1976.  He then received an honorary doctorate in Political Science at Yonsei University in Korea in 1991.

    He was a diplomat in the Park Chung-hee regime.  He was also a good sports man; he founded the World Taekwondo Federation and then built a reputation to spread Taekwondo worldwide.   In 1986, he became IOC member; he is a South Korean sports administrator and is the former Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and founding member of the WTF executive board.

    He has adopted Taekwondo as Olympics and won a performance that attracts many international competitions.  His fluent language skills in six languages to speak freely won the peculiar affinity with the sport as a diplomatic contacts Building a wasteland or raise significant performance differences without diplomatic status of Korea.

    He significantly contributes to enhance Korean Sports Recognition worldwide; his positions include President of the Korea Taekwondo Association, President of the World Taekwondo Federation, an Ambassador at Large with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Executive Board Member of the IOC, and Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


Curi Kenmark

Curi Kenmark, Ph.D. Honorary Vice Chancellor

She received her Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 1991.   She is a highly recognized Ph.D. scientist, who has received high praise and accolades throughout her career over the past 30 years as a result of her extraordinary science accomplishments.  

In her career, she has authored 80 technical paper publications, presented at 150 scientific seminars, and has earned several patents while working at prestigious research laboratories in the US.  Her former employers include, National Institute of Standards & Technologies (“NIST”) in Maryland. She also worked for “Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies,” in New Jersey.  She worked for “Corning Inc.,” New York, where she was employed as a Senior Research Scientist.  Over the course of her outstanding career, she has been recognized as a valuable asset to her employers. 

She also published several technical books; for example, her book chapter entitled "Novel optical device materials - molecular-level hybridization" has achieved impressive readership results.  The chapter that she has published with ‘InTech’ in the book "Optical devices in communication and computation" has so far been accessed at least 1000 times, the top downloads was from the US.

After her successful career for about 30 years in Materials Science Research, she recently joined American Sports University (ASU) in San Bernardino, CA.


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